General Faq


While we strive to maintain the design you see on our catalogue, there may be situations whereby our designers need to use an alternate similar looking flower as some blooms are seasonal or may not be at its optimal shape. Rest assured our designers will try our best to complete the original look with the most suitable in-season flowers.

Receival of Flowers

Flowers are like us and need optimum care. Once recipients receive their blooms, keep them in a cool and well-ventilated area.
As our drivers have a full schedule for their deliveries, if recipients are not able to receive the blooms, we will leave the bouquets at a well-sheltered area at the entrance area for them to pick up at their convenience.

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Delivery & Charges

Our morning delivery is from 10am – 2pm
Our afternoon delivery is from 3pm – 8pm
*Do give our drivers some buffer time too, due to unforeseen traffic conditions etc.
A flat $15 delivery charge applies for all orders, unless otherwise stated.

Change of Plans

Well, plans change and we understand.
For any changes in design, timing of delivery, or place of delivery, there will be a change fee of $10.

For urgent cases, please get in touch with us at: / +65 8893 3693


If you prefer a bespoke arrangement with specific flowers, or foliage, we are glad we can accede to them as well. Simply list your request on the ‘Contact’ page, or drop us a Whatsapp, we will materialise your ideas.