Protected File Expert

Secure Record Pro is certainly an award winning net based secure record exchange program that lets you along with your customers exchange highly confidential tax details electronically. The files happen to be safely kept on the protected server, to ensure that no one otherwise can see these people except you. You can also gain access to these data via the internet when you like from anywhere in the world. The secret data which includes payroll and tax data can be supported daily to ensure if some thing happens to the server, your confidential info is safe and definitely will not always be compromised.

Secure File Pro is the best treatment for your organization. It offers the latest features in the marketplace to help you do the job smarter and stay clean. You will be delighted by how much easier you should deal with and maintain your confidential data because of its many advanced features. Secure Document Pro offers you peace of mind is what every business needs so you can devote more in training your staff to allow them to use this secure web based document exchange program effectively.

You can password defend your data to ensure that only individuals with authorization can view it. Protecting your secret data likewise makes it unreadable to anybody so you can be confident that no one is usually snooping around your files. You can build this protect service on a web hardware of your own decision and of course by yourself computer in order that you have comprehensive control of what is going on. The cost is extremely reasonable and within the choice of most smaller businesses. Secure Document Pro provides you with excellent good value so you should certainly have it to safeguard your private data coming from loss or destruction.